Risk for the victim survivors

Those in bold may indicate an increased risk of the victim being killed or almost killed.


MARAM practice guidance foundation knowledge, https://www.vic.gov.au/sites/default/files/2019-07/MARAM-practice-guides-foundation-knowledge.pdf

Risk factors for adult or child victims caused by perpetrator behaviours

  • Controlling behaviours
  • Access to weapons
  • Use of weapon in most recent event
  • Has ever harmed or threatened to harm victim or family members
  • Has ever tried to strangle or choke the victim
  • Has ever threatened to kill victim
  • Has ever harmed or threatened to harm or kill pets or other animals
  • Has ever threatened or tried to self-harm or commit suicide
  • Stalking of victim
  • Sexual assault of victim
  • Previous or current breach of court orders/Intervention Order
  • History of family violence
  • History of violent behaviour (not family violence)
  • Obsession/ jealous behaviour towards victim
  • Unemployed/ disengaged from education
  • Drug and/ or alcohol misuse/ abuse
  • Mental illness/ depression
  • Isolation
  • Physical harm
  • Emotional abuse
  • Property damage

Risk factors specific to children caused by perpetrator behaviours

  • Exposure to family violence
  • Sexualised behaviours towards a child by the perpetrator
  • Child intervention in violence
  • Behaviour indicating non-return of child
  • Undermining the child-parent relationship
  • Professional and statutory intervention.

Risk factors specific to children’s circumstances

  • History of professional involvement and/ or statutory intervention
  • Change in behaviour not explained by other causes
  • Child as victim in other forms of harm.

Risk factors relevant to an adult victim’s circumstances

  • Physical assault whilst pregnant/ following new birth
  • Self-assessed level of risk
  • Planning to leave or recent separation
  • Escalation -increase in severity and/ or frequency of violence
  • Financial abuse/ difficulties