Who is VAADA?

The Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association Inc. (VAADA) is a peak organisation, which aims to reduce the harms associated with alcohol and other drug use within the Victorian community.

VAADA’s membership comprises agencies working in the AOD field, as well as those individuals who are involved in, or have a specific interest in, prevention, treatment, rehabilitation or research that minimises the harms caused by alcohol and other drugs (AOD).


What does VAADA do?

As a peak organisation, VAADA’s purpose is to ensure that the issues for people experiencing the harms associated with alcohol and other drug use and the organisations that support them are well represented in policy and program development and public discussion

VAADA seeks to achieve this through:

  • Engaging in policy development;
  • Advocating for systemic change;
  • Representing issues our member’s identify;
  • Providing leadership on priority issues to pursue;
  • Creating a space for collaboration within the AOD sector;
  • Keeping our members and stakeholders informed about issues relevant to the sector; and
  • Supporting evidence-based practice that maintains the dignity of those who use alcohol and other drug services (and related services).

Our vision

A Victorian community in which the harms associated with drug use are reduced and general health and well being is promoted.

Our mission

To provide leadership, representation, advocacy and information to the alcohol and other drug and related sectors.

Our values

The values that guide the way VAADA works:

  • Transparency – to be accountable to its members and stakeholders;
  • Professionalism – to work with integrity and ethical conduct;
  • Leadership – to demonstrate strength, courage and commitment to the core principles that drive us and to be strategic in our thinking;
  • Representative – to be inclusive, participatory and democratic and to consult with and represent the views of the whole sector; and
  • Collaboration – to encourage, and provide a space for, collaboration in a competitive environment.

Our stakeholders

VAADA identifies its stakeholders as:

  • Consumers of drug and alcohol related services;
  • Those affected by drug and alcohol misuse;
    Our membership;
  • Government;
  • The broader community;
  • The media;
  • Related sectors; and
  • Other peak bodies

Our History

VAADA became an incorporated association in 1981 and was created as forum for agencies working in the field of alcohol and other drug issues, as well as those individuals interested in alleviating the harms caused by alcohol and other drugs. VAADA’s role was to provide mutual support for its members as well as facilitating planning and development in the AOD field. It was also envisaged that VAADA would have an educative and information role for both its member agencies and the broader community.

VAADA’s membership has always been broadly based and its organisational membership includes ‘drug specific’ organisations, consumer advocacy organisations, hospitals, community health centres, primary health organisations, religious, general youth, local government and others (eg. schools, counselling services, correctional/diversion services, legal services).