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What is MARAM?

The Victorian government is progressing three interrelated reforms that are integral to reducing and responding to family violence:

  • The Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management (MARAM) Framework provides guidance to prescribed organisations, that have responsibilities in assessing and managing family violence risk. The MARAM Framework supersedes the Common Risk Assessment Framework (CRAF) and is considered best practice for anyone responding to family violence in Victoria.
  • The Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme (FVISS) supports effective assessment and management of family violence risk. It enables risk relevant information to be collected, used and shared between authorised workforces.
  • The Child Information Sharing Scheme (CISS) allows authorised organisations and professionals who work with children, young people and their families to share information with each other to help in supporting children’s wellbeing and safety.

For navigation advice on the two Sharing Schemes, please check here.

MARAM and the AOD sector

AOD Intake and Comprehensive Assessment

In 2021 the Victorian AOD Intake and Comprehensive Assessment tools went through a process of aligning to MARAM in consultation with the sector. The revised tools have been updated to include new questions for identifying and responding to victim survivors of family violence.

The tools will go through a further MARAM alignment in 2022 to include aligning with people who use violence practice guides and will include identifying and responding to people who use violence

In early 2022 a survey was developed to measure the impact the MARAM alignment had on AOD Intake and Comprehensive Assessment tools in identifying victim survivors, and its implications on practice. For more information on the survey, including a summary on key findings, please click here.

Workforce training

Trainings have been designed and delivered for specific work-based responsibilities, including: the screening and identification of family violence, performing risk assessments, risk management and safety planning with clients, and aligning MARAM to your leadership and organisational policies and procedures.
For more information on training, including the monthly MARAM training calendar, please scroll down.

Organisational embedding

Organisations are expected to align to the MARAM framework. For more information – including resources on the organisation self-audit tool, the implementation plan, and the responsibility role mapping tool – check here.

MARAM Training Calendar

Updated monthly, VAADA’s MARAM Training Calendar lists all available MARAM training for clinicians, practitioners, team leads, managers and CEOs. If you’re unsure which training is right for you, consult the Overview of MARAM Training here.

You can view or download the training calendar here.

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Walk-through of the MARAM-aligned AOD Intake & Comprehensive Assessment

On the 11th March 2021, Turning Point, VAADA and DH delivered a clinician walk-through of the new AOD Intake & Comprehensive Assessment to clinicians. Turning Point was engaged in 2019 to align the AOD Intake & Comprehensive Assessment to MARAM. This brief was to align only to Victim/survivor tools at this point in time. The new tools to screen for people who use family violence will need to be aligned later in 2021.

MARAM Flowchart

For more information and guidance on family violence risk management and safety planning, check here.

MARAM Support Resources

  1. Frequently asked questions about information sharing and MARAM
  2. Call the Info Sharing and MARAM Enquiry Line: 1800 549 646
  3. Contact your local Specialist Family Violence Advisor (see here for contact directory)