The goals of the North West Melbourne Primary Health Network (NWMPHN) Workforce Development project are to increase the overall effectiveness of client care by enhancing the capacity of the AOD workforce in the NWMPHN funded region through workforce development and sustainability initiatives. The project encompasses a range of activities as follows:

  • To develop an advanced understanding of the workforce needs of the AOD sector across the north west through a needs assessment process which considers the training, mentoring and clinical supervision needs of the AOD workforce in the NWMPHN region. This process has a multiple data source methodology including qualitative input through key stakeholder consults and mining and extracting region specific data from workforce studies
  • To coordinate and facilitate network events and communities of practice granting participants from the NWMPHN region the opportunity to explore learnings, opportunities and challenges, as well as deepening knowledge, refining skills and nuancing client care
  • To identify key skills gaps as informed by workforce needs assessment and coordinate skills based training events to close those gaps for NWMPHN region workers. A crucial element of this is in supporting individuals to translate skill development gained in training to enhance workplace practice and by doing so, promote organisational capacity building and support retention of qualified staff
  • To develop and deliver a multi-modal promotion campaign with a NWMPHN focus and flavour, to recruit people to working in the AOD sector

For more information contact:

Caitlyn Wilson – Project Officer Workforce Development and Stakeholder Engagement
Ph: 03 9412 5602