Turning Point

Connect and learn webinar – Clinical translation of neuroscience-informed interventions for addiction treatment, presented by Antonio Verdejo-Garcia


This webinar will provide an overview of four expert-endorsed neuroscience-informed interventions for addiction treatment: cognitive bias modification, contingency management, emotion regulation training and cognitive remediation. It will focus on the rationale and mechanisms engaged by these interventions, evidence of their efficacy, and the steps needed to incorporate them into routine clinical practice based on the


An Introduction to co-occurring mental health needs for AOD workers

Turning Point 110 Church Street, Richmond

This introductory workshop aims to provide workers in the AOD sector with foundational knowledge and information to assist them in their work with people living with mental health needs and substance use.


Talking Point webinar – Methamphetamines in pregnancy – clinical care to improve survival, engagement and attachment, presented by Elvira Earthstar.

Zoom webinar

Summary of the session In this webinar, Elvira will discuss the reasons that methamphetamine use in pregnancy is so concerning: the impact on pregnant physiology and the developing fetal brain; disruptions to perinatal attachment; and disruptions to executive functioning which disrupt health-affirming choices. Elvira will also highlight the possibilities for parents to initiate and sustain