Prompt Cards

VAADA has produced sets of prompt cards – covering AOD, mental health, trauma informed care, CALD, Family Violence and LGBTI – designed to assist health and community service workers who may come across substance use in their work.

The cards provide a list of language appropriate prompts that are relevant to each topic and are aimed at improving efficient communication and referrals. They are hole-punched and suitable for attaching to ID swipe cards and lanyards for easy reference.

Ordering cards

  • The maximum order for a full set of cards is 20 sets (300 cards)  
  • The maximum order for individual sets is 20 (40 cards per set, or 60 for the Family Violence set)  
  • While the prompt cards are free, postage and handling will be charged.  Orders will not be processed until payment is received.  See below pricing
  • Payment is by credit card only
  • Students can arrange a group order via your university or institute.  VAADA is unable to process individual student orders 
  • PLEASE NOTE: Organisations or individuals outside of Australia are unable to order cards
  • VAADA reserves the right to limit or refuse excessive orders

Postage and Handling

Postage and Handling is charged by weight:

Less than 500g: $10.00
501g – 1kg:  $15.00
1kg – 3kg:  $20.00
3kg- 5kg: $30.00


The AOD prompt cards cover Intoxication, Withdrawal, Risk Assessment and Response to Risk.

AOD prompt cards

AOD prompt cards set full size

The MH prompt cards cover Mental State Examination, Risk Assessment and Management Plan.

MH prompt cards

MH prmpt cards set full size

PLEASE NOTE: The Trauma Informed Care Prompt Cards are Currently Unavailable

The TIC cards provide information about the signs and symptoms of trauma, and useful questions and responses when managing distress.

Trauma informed care prompt cards

Trauma informed care prompt cards full set

The Problem Gambling cards cover signs and indications, risk factors, assessment and response management.

Problem Gambling prompt cards

Problem gambling prompt cards full set

Developed in collaboration with the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health, the CALD cards provide information about engaging, communicating, and working with individuals from different ethnic communities.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse prompt cards

Culturally and linguistically diverse prompt card set

The  MARAM aligned victim survivor cards are currently available (Pictures coming soon).


The MARAM aligned adult using violence cards are still under development.

There are 2 prompt cards, covering:

  • FVISS and CISS purpose, responding to a request for information and documenting information sharing
  • FVISS & CISS consent considerations

FVISS and CISS prompt cards

FVIS and CISS prompt card full set

Developed in collaboration with Thorne Harbour Health, the cards provide tips on working with LGBTI people.

LGBTI prompt cards

LGBTI prompt card full set

All of the above cards:

AOD, MH, TIC, CALD, Problem Gambling, FV, &  LGBTIQ+

There are 17 cards in the full set.

Prompt Cards full set

The full set of 17 VAADA prompt cards