Walk-in, Walk with: Same day single session work in Thorne Harbour Health’s LGBTIQ+ Walk-in AOD Program

In response to growing sector wait times and barriers for LGBTIQ+ community, Thorne Harbour Health’s LGBTIQ+ AOD program trialled a ‘walk-in’ single-session intervention for people awaiting specialist LGBTIQ+ drug and alcohol treatment. After assessment, community members are offered access to the single-session program, and can initiate day-of, in-person or telehealth sessions on a weekly basis. The Walk-in AOD Program has resulted in earlier identification, response and referral to family violence, rapid sexual health testing and housing support services.  This approach draws on the cycle of change model, recognising the need for timely and responsive intervention when people are actively seeking support. The Walk-in AOD Program has enabled clients to accelerate the pace of treatment, access harm reduction strategies, and increase client perception of accessible service provision. This presentation reviews client feedback and clinician reflections to share lessons from the collaborative walk-in program model.


Amy Lopez, Senior Care and Recovery Coordinator, Thorne Harbour Health

Amy Lopes (she/her) is a Senior Care and Recovery Coordinator at Thorne Harbour Health.  Amy has a Bachelor of Nursing and has worked extensively with forensic AOD clients, primarily in judicial settings. Amy supports people impacted by systemic barriers to navigate their recovery journey, in a person-centred and holistic way.

Joseph Borellini, Social Worker & AOD Counsellor, Thorne Harbour Health

Joseph Borellini (he/him) is a Social Worker and AOD Counsellor at Thorne Harbour Health, providing Victoria-wide LGBTI+ focused AOD treatment. He has worked across mental health, and AOD and brings a strong research interest in ecological justice and social work identity and provides single-session interventions in the Walk-In AOD Program.


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