Reforming treatment system bias

AOD treatment in Victoria is built around several implicit biases, including beliefs about “what works” and “success”. As a result of these implicit biases, we have an inequitable treatment system that supports a relatively small cohort of people who use substances.

While the mental health system reform makes mental health & well-being treatment more accessible, the AOD treatment system should start asking itself questions about accessibility, including what works, and who it works for.

This presentation looks at three cohorts who are not benefiting from our current AOD treatment system: people who refuse treatment, people who are excluded from treatment, and people who repeatedly access treatment.


Gabby Cohen Southcity Clinic Team Leader Alfred Mental & Addiction Health

Gabby Cohen is the team leader of the Alfred Mental & Addiction Health community addictions program. Gabby has an academic background in social policy and public health, and has worked in AOD for twenty years.


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