Providing holistic care to people in their own communities through a health lens

Our program, Brief Interventions, was established to respond to AOD referrals through the primary health network. We have established ourselves within the community, namely within GP Practices. This resulted in the evolution of our program to incorporate treatment in line with a holistic health approach.

Being situated in a health setting has allowed for improved support through collaborative care. In addition to broadening our approach to referrals and co-occurring presentations, our brief interventions program is ideal to address AOD in a preventative space.

As we know, environmental and situational stressors, alongside physical and mental health concerns, can increase substance use issues. Therefore, when based within the community with GPs we can support clients holistically as concerns are emerging and minimize the pressure on our health system.


Wendy Hall, Team Leader, Health Youth and Wellbeing, Barwon Child Youth and Family

Wendy is a Team Leader in Youth Health and well-being, and also works part-time within the Brief Interventions Team. Wendy is a qualified Psychologist, completing her Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology in 2012. She has worked across the community sector in mental health and AOD, in a range of forensic settings and in Private Practice.

Raquel Wright, Project Lead, Brief Interventions, Barwon Child Youth and Family

Raquel is the Project Lead for Brief Interventions. She has held this position since the pilot of this program and worked closely with the PHN during the evolution of this program to establish the model we are presenting on.


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