Guidelines for Identifying and Responding to People Who Cause Family Violence Harm

The four Primary Care Partnerships in the North Western metropolitan region have been collaborating on the Identifying and Responding to Family Violence Project. The project aims to provide a more streamlined and coordinated service system response to family violence by building the capacity of mainstream health organisations to effectively identify and respond to family violence.

Step by Step Guide

The project has released a Step by Step Guide  which supports agencies to implement an organisational response to family violence.

Guidelines for Identifying and Responding to People who Cause Family Violence Harm

The Project is pleased to re-release Version 2.0 ‘Guidelines For Identifying and Responding to People Who Cause Family Violence Harm’

Identifying and responding to perpetrators of family violence in ways that work towards the safety of women and children can be very difficult and complex. Unskilled or misguided attempts can significantly compromise the safety of current or future victims.  This document provides a comprehensive guide for health/mainstream services in how they can respond to perpetrators based on best practice.  The document provides guidance on early intervention strategies as well as more direct response techniques. Version 2.0 has an additional section on diversity and working with your own unconscious bias. The development of these guidelines was coordinated by Inner North West Primary Care Partnership (refer to ) and written by Rodney Vlais, an expert in perpetrator interventions. Other key experts in the sector also assisted in the development of this template.

For further information about the project please contact Emma Fitzsimon or 9389 2261.