Victorian Alcohol and Drug Collection (VADC) – news and updates

Countdown to 1 October 2018…

With just over two months until we start collecting live alcohol and other drug (AOD) treatment data through the Victorian Alcohol and Drug Collection (VADC), it is great to see so many in-scope providers working with the VADC Project Team to get test data approved, train staff and get ready to transition to their new systems.

Data reporting is a key condition of funding for Victorian Government funded agencies, and the department will be engaging closely with providers over the coming months to ensure compliance.

Consortium leads are reminded they have ultimate responsibility for making sure Outlet IDs codes are assigned across their consortium, and for ensuring members will be VADC compliant.  If you are a consortium lead and have any questions about your specific arrangements, please contact


Outlet ID codes

The department is sending out Outlet ID codes, and working to clarify requirements for those who have not yet received their codes. There are still a few agencies that have not submitted their Outlet ID Tables. If you are not sure if your organisation submitted your Outlet ID Table, please contact as soon as possible.


Transition advice – timeframes and milestones

Bulk transition

Following analysis of the third tranche of implementation readiness surveys, the department decided in June to move from a staged transition approach for VADC (which would mean some providers transitioning in the first quarter of 2018-19), to a ‘bulk transition’ approach, with all compliant providers transitioning to VADC from 1 October 2018.

This means all providers must continue to submit ADIS data for the first quarter of 2018-19.

Approval of test data prior to transition

It is vital that providers get their test data approved by the department before they are able to fully transition to submitting live data. Until approval is received from the department, all providers need to continue submitting data through ADIS, even if this extends into the second quarter of 2018-19.


VADC data submission portal

The VADC Project Team is devising an alternative submission platform to the VADC we will advise you all as to next steps as soon as possible.

Fictional XML test data should continue to be submitted to the VADC Project Team via attachments to



Agency performance staff in our divisional offices will be in regular contact if there is a need to clarify any information or seek further updates.

Aoddatadev mailbox

The inbox remains the best place to send technical questions. We encourage you to please put as much detail into your question as possible. If you would like to receive a call back, please also include the specific VADC topics you need support with.

Thanks to everyone for their efforts so far.

The Department of Health and Human Services