Victorian Alcohol and Drug Collection (VADC) – news and updates

Project update

We have now finished our first month of collecting data through the Victorian Alcohol and Drug Collection (VADC). It was great to see so many providers get their VADC compliant systems up and running by 1 October 2018. A range of useful queries have been coming through as providers enter live client data into their new or upgraded systems. This feedback is helping the department to further clarify business rules and requirements.

The last set of business rule adjustments to increase flexibility was published in September and made available on the VADC webpage.

VADC reporting

As we are now well into the implementation phase, the department is focusing on how to use VADC data to provide new information and reports back to the sector. Further updates will be provided following the next meeting with the VADC Sector Reference Group in November.

Annual VADC specification update process

Development work for the 2019-20 version of the VADC specification is also currently underway. This will be released early next year so that providers have time update systems in line with the adjusted requirements.

Interim reporting for agencies with extensions – reminder

A number of agencies requested extensions to their VADC implementation deadline. These providers will have more complex reporting arrangements for quarter two, as they may be required to report through ADIS, the DTAU spreadsheet and VADC over the quarter.

They key message is that providers must not switch off ADIS or stop reporting via the DTAU spreadsheet until advised by the VADC Project Team. If you have any questions about this please contact or your DHHS area contact as a priority.

Thanks to you all for your work as we continue to implement the VADC.

The Department of Health and Human Services