Victorian Alcohol and Drug Collection (VADC) – news and updates

Posted to ENEWS for Chrystallee Durose on behalf of the DHHS

The go-live date for the Victorian Alcohol and Drug Collection (VADC) project of 1 October 2018 is now just around the corner. This update contains a range of information related to transition and testing requirements.

Transition information

Providers or consortia who have not passed phase one testing by 1 October 2018, must keep collecting data through ADIS and/or the DTAU spreadsheet until advised by the project team. If you think your agency will not be transitioning by 1 October 2018 and you are unsure what to do, please urgently contact the VADC Project Team to discuss.

Updated FAQs including updated information related to transition are now available at the email address above. All in-scope providers are encouraged to review these and consider implications for their arrangements.

Testing phases

We are well and truly into phase one and two testing. However, it is important to note that testing on provider data will continue post-transition. Once a provider has passed phase one and two testing and submitted the ‘Go-live’ checklist that you will receive after passing phase one and two testing they can start collecting live activity data through their VADC compliant system. Testing will then continue to take place on providers’ monthly data submissions. The focus in this phase will be on “edit/validations” – ensuring that data is being entered into the provider’s system aligns with the business rules as specified in the VADC Data Specification manual, section 6.

Managed File Transfer (MFT)

As flagged in the last update, the department has identified an alternative data submission portal – the Managed File Transfer (MFT) system. Thanks to all providers for responding quickly to the call for registrations, as there are now just a few outstanding.

Thanks to everyone for their continued cooperation over this extremely busy period of change management.

The Department of Health and Human Services


VADC Project Team
Customer Support Branch | Mental Health & Drugs Data Unit
Department of Health and Human Services | 50 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000