“Using Collaborations as a Capacity Building Tool” is now available for download

VAADA is proud to announce the release of its new resource Using Collaborations as a Capacity Building tool. This manual has been developed by VAADA as an adjunct to the popular ‘Capacity Building and Change Management’ manual made available in 2016.  This new resource has been designed to provide community services and alcohol and other drug treatment agencies with a useful capacity building tool given that most not-for-profit agencies now do not receive any dedicated funds for these types of activities.

Using Collaborations as a Capacity Building Tool explores the potential benefits for agencies when they form collaborations and networks to achieve a common goal.  These benefits can include the sharing of information and resources, the promotion of service co-ordination and more integrated referral pathways for clients.

This new manual provides a step-by-step description as to how agencies should go about initiating networks, what they need to consider, and how any potential barriers can be overcome. In explaining the usefulness of collaborations and networks, the manual showcases the Eastern Mental Health  Service Co-ordination Alliance (EMHSCA) , which has been demonstrated to be successful during the past ten years.

VAADA would like to thank Bronwyn Williams (EMHSCA Project Manager) for her assistance in developing the manual, and the Australian Government Department of Health for their ongoing support.

For further information please contact Jane Moreton at jmoreton@vaada.org.au

The manual is now available to view online or download here.