Sector Update: Family Violence and Child Information Sharing Schemes

Three reforms, the Child Information Sharing Scheme (CISS), the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme (FVISS) and the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management (MARAM) Framework come into effect on Thursday 27 September, 2018 for the Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Sector.  Together, the schemes are designed to promote children’s safety and wellbeing, protect family violence victims and ensure reforms are systematic and enduring.  VAADA has been working with the relevant government departments to ensure the needs of the AOD sector are understood and that education and training resources prepare our sector for the changes.

A guiding principle of the reforms is that the rights of children to be safe and well and the rights of victims to be safe from family violence takes precedence over any individual’s right to privacy.

From 27 September 2018, a portion of the AOD workforce will be prescribed to receive and respond to requests under information sharing reforms.  Service providers will have the flexibility to nominate key staff within their organisation to operate under the scheme through delegation.  This allows the AOD sector to be brought into the reforms without the burden of training the entire workforce before the end of 2018.  The full AOD workforce is expected to come into the schemes from 2020.

Information about the FVISS can be found here: and CISS here: This includes Ministerial Guidelines and some practice guidance materials. A full list of all categories of organisation prescribed under the reforms are listed in Appendix 2 of the Child Information Sharing Ministerial Guidelines, along with the scheme on a page and the Child information sharing pathway.

Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management (MARAM) Framework:

The Framework has been developed as a new tool to establish a shared understanding of family violence and risk assessment. It replaces the Common Risk Assessment Framework (CRAF), outlining clearer responsibilities for coordinating and implementing safety and accountability planning.

The MARAM Framework will be supported by a suite of risk assessment tools and operational practice guidance-and should be used as a guide to the two information sharing schemes.

Once released they will be available at:


Face-to-face and e-learning training will become available from 8 October 2018. The initial training will be delivered as a two-day program for a select number of priority personnel from across prescribed workforces.

Bookings can be made via:

DHHS is also working on material to support sectors, to be available via the DHHS internet and through the funded agency channel. This will include:

  • Organisation guidance materials including checklists and templates
  • A PowerPoint presentation on the reforms for organisations to use with their staff
  • A central information exchange unit.

VAADA will disseminate training opportunities through e-news as they are scheduled.