In a bid to support AOD partner agencies and consumer representatives, we have established an online noticeboard and exchange. This exchange allows AOD agencies operating across North and West metropolitan Melbourne to recruit consumer participants from the CoP network.

How the noticeboard works

Agencies interested in recruiting one or more consumer representatives are required to post an assigned task/project, by entering the following details in the form below:

  • Name and brief overview of the agency
  • Goals and objectives of the project
  • Required number of consumer representatives
  • Position title: AOD consumer representative (consultant)
  • Specific task/s to be undertaken by the AOD consumer representative
  • Necessary skills and knowledge to complete the task/s
  • Duration of the project and anticipated weekly time commitment
  • Supervision arrangements
  • Name, position title and contact details of the person initiating the post
  • Cut-off date for applications/enquiries

Once the assigned task/project has been posted an email notification will be sent to members of the CoP network. In addition, the person initiating the post will receive a confirmation email.

Should you have any queries related to your posting please contact:

Roland van Olphen
Lived Experience Project Worker
Mob: 0487 210 430

Noticeboard posting (assigned task/project)

Agency details

About the project/task

The title of the position you are seeking a consumer consultant for.
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Key contact details

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