Is your agency seeking input and advice from those with a lived or living experience?

Are you interested in embedding consumer participation within your service?

The North and West Metro Alcohol and Drugs Service (NWMAODS), with support from the Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association (VAADA) and the Association of Participating Service Users (APSU), has established a consumer participation and lived experience community of practice (CoP), aimed at:

  • Upskilling and growing the existing pool of consumer representatives
  • Providing opportunities and support for consumers to undertake participation activities in one or more AOD agencies across North and West metropolitan Melbourne, while at the same time providing aid to those agencies
  • Promoting the importance of meaningful consumer participation and advocacy
  • Creating a feedback loop for AOD partner agencies and other key stakeholders

As part of this initiative, consumer participants will be offered customised training and support. We have also established an online noticeboard and exchange whereby interested consumers will be offered the opportunity to undertake time limited agency placements in one or more AOD treatment agencies across North and West metropolitan Melbourne.

Throughout the project, consumer participants will be paid for their time and expertise. Agencies seeking to recruit consumer representatives will also receive financial support.

We’d really like to hear from as many agency representatives, consumers and other stakeholders as possible.

Note. This network operates solely within North and West metropolitan Melbourne.

If you are interested or know someone who may be interested in becoming a member of the CoP network, please contact:

Roland van Olphen
Live Experience Project Worker
Uniting AOD and MH

Mob: 0487 210 430


Gene Rhodes
AOD Lived Experience Team Leader
Uniting AOD and MH

Mob: 0466 845 224