Making a Request for Information

Under the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme (FVISS) and the Child Information Sharing Scheme (CISS), you can request information from another organisation or agency who are also a prescribed Information Sharing Entity (ISE).  The other organisation might hold family violence risk-relevant information about your client or they might hold information that can contribute to the wellbeing of a child.

Additional information can:

  • Support the development of appropriate treatment plans and interventions to suit your client’s needs in relation to AOD treatment in the context of a family violence situation
  • Assist with family violence safety planning to suit your client’s circumstances
  • Support the development of interventions that promote a child’s wellbeing.

Note: AOD services are ISEs, but not prescribed Risk Assessment Entities (RAEs), so you cannot request information for the purpose of a family violence assessment.


When you are requesting information from an ISE, you must:

  • Identify whether you are sharing under the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme or the Child Information Sharing Scheme, or both
  • Identify the agency/organisation/service provider, which has the information you need. It must be classified as an ISE
  • Contact the ISE, identify yourself as an ISE and state the type of information being requested, and whether the client is a victim survivor or a perpetrator
  • Explain the purpose that the information will be used for, and how the information is relevant to that purpose
  • Advise whether there is any time urgency to the request.