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Posted to ENEWS for Sophie Marcard on behalf of Penington Institute

Popular among some, chemsex parties can see a dozen or more participants smoke and inject drugs before partying hard, including intense sexual activity, often with multiple partners.  What should frontline workers do?

Penington Institute’s latest Anex Bulletin is now available to view online or download and print out.

Also in this edition:

  • The nicotine conundrum – people who inject drugs who also smoke tobacco are more likely to die from a smoking-related disease than their primary drug use.
  • NSP legend Felicity Sheaves from the Blue Mountains in NSW spills the beans.
  • The (murky) world of wastewater testing for drugs.
  • An exposé on the missing piece of the hepatitis C treatment puzzle.
  • Tampons, swabs and cigarette filters: the risky business of improvised filters.
  • Around Australia: hepatitis C and people who inject drugs, part 2.
  • The overdose risk of using other drugs to manage ice comedown.
  • Victorian Parliament’s Inquiry recommends a massive overhaul.
  • ‘Fentanyl: what do you know?’ video link to a recent Penington Institute seminar.

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