Morning Plenary

Sector Update:

Sam Biondo – VAADA

Michael West – DHHS

Chris Carter – PHN Alliance

Keynote 1: Addressing inequalities experienced by people released from prison: the role of the AOD service system – Jesse Young – Acting Head, Research Fellow, PhD Candidate, Justice Health Unit Melbourne School of Population & Global Health

Breakout Session 1

  1. “Easy Does It”.   Making it easy for vulnerable mothers and babies to transition from specialist maternity care to community addiction support – Thersa Lynch Royal Womens Hospital and Lis Stein Uniting ReGen
  2. eRecovery: Trialling a mobile phone app for clients in alcohol and drug recovery at the Neighbourhood Justice Centre – Frederica Densley, Policy & Project Advisor, Neighbourhood Justice Centre
  3. Transitioning from recovery to a meaningful life: Peer helper training  – Edita Kennedy, Project Worker, APSU
  4. Managing transitions between AOD & Mental Health: Potential of the MHRC – Gary Croton, Clinical Nurse Consultant, VDDI

Breakout Session 2

  1. Looking in, why an intersectional approach matters to us – Silvana Izzo, Education & Service Development Consultant Victorian Transcultural Mental Health
  2. Treatment Transitions: Brief Intervention – Elyse Baker, Planning and Performance Consultant WVPHN; Leanne Duggan, Senior Intake and Assessment, Ballarat Uniting & Alberto Vargas, Ballarat Uniting
  3. The challenges transitioning young people to adult services – Simon Buggy, Mental Health Coordinator BCYF; Anna Murru, Executive Manager of Clinical Services, Taskforce & Brydie Hill, YSAS
  4.  A design-thinking odyssey – Don Campbell

Afternoon Plenary

Keynote 2: Preparing for a new paradigm: psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of AOD & mental health conditions – Paul Liknaitzky, Executive Officer, Mind Medicine Australia