Young people’s experiences of treatment for substance misuse with co-occurring disordered eating: A qualitative study

Families and carers have unique needs and challenges which have been exacerbated by fragmented service systems. They are often the most aware of the intersectionality of MH, AOD, family violence, justice and child protection without the recognition and resources needed to both support their loved ones and themselves.


Amanda Mack, Key Supervisor ResetLife TaskForce Community Agency

Amanda Mack has worked in the alcohol and drug industry for over ten years. Currently Amanda is the Key Supervisor of the ResetLife program at TaskForce, supervising a team supporting young people with alcohol and drug issues utilising the Matrix Model. Amanda’s qualifications include a Bachelor in Applied Social Science, specialising in Counselling, a Masters in Addictive Behaviours, and ACFED

Credited Authors

Annette Peart Research Fellow in Addition Studies Turning Point/Monash University TP/Monash

Tony Barnett Research Fellow Turning Point/Monash University


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