What next for the Comprehensive Continuous Integrated System of Care

In 2022, 8 organisations in the southeast of Melbourne collaborated on the state-funded Integrated Care Pilot which implemented the Comprehensive Continuous Integrated System of Care (CCISC) . CCISC is a CQI-based framework centred around a series of principles, processes and tools that enable systems, organisations, programs, and workers to align firmly with client needs. It is scalable for the sector and whole-of-organisation transformation towards integrated welcoming, empathic, hope-filled care across AOD, MH and related sectors. Independent evaluation has found benefits for clients and increased employee satisfaction. Significantly, organisations have committed to continue collaborating on this work beyond the pilot’s conclusion.

There will be an overview of the evaluation findings, followed by an exploration of ongoing initiatives and an explanation of how interested workers and organisations can get involved.


Patrick Lawrence CEO The First Step Program Limited

Patrick has worked in AOD for 20 years and is a passionate advocate for progressive and empowering approaches to treatment and advocacy. As CEO of First Step (the lead agency in the Integrated Care Pilot and a renowned example of multi-disciplinary teamwork) Patrick played a lead role in the Pilot.


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