Understanding realistic achievements within a three-month therapeutic community residential rehabilitation program

Residential rehabilitation targets more than AOD. There is significant overlap with domains of vulnerability, including physical health; mental health; sociality; interpersonal relationships; housing; education/work; finances; and criminal activity. Understanding “what is a realistic achievement?” within a 3-month program is useful for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, it sets reasonable expectations for consumers. Secondly, it identifies accurate pathways for referral agencies. Thirdly, it allows AOD professionals to interlink effectively, and identify service delivery gaps.

This presentation aims to address several important factors for discussion. Most importantly: what is meant by “achievement” in the residential rehabilitation space; and what can be achieved in this period. Peripherally, we highlight “What is a Therapeutic Community”, and a lens of “getting the right client to the right site” to maximise their recovery.


Douglas Shaw, Manager, Grampians Therapeutic Community Windana

Douglas Shaw has 6 years of management experience in the AOD sector, degrees in psychology and philosophy and is currently working in a Residential Rehabilitation – Therapeutic Community.


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