The U-Turn Program

U-Turn is an innovative MBCP-styled program that targets higher-functioning male respondents on IVOs issued from Moorabbin Courts, where AOD was cited as a contributing factor. U-Turn is unique in the MBCP space as it explicitly addresses; AOD use, the gendered drivers and perpetration of male FV, emotional regulation, impacts of violence on children, empathy, communication & personal responsibility.

The initial U-Turn pilots underwent a 24-month eval across 4 x programs. It is currently funded by the Department of Health’s AOD portfolio until June 2023. TaskForce has now delivered 11 U-Turn programs to date and is exploring options for expansion.

U-Turn continues to deliver positive outcomes for both participants and AFMs, with program completion rates of 70%-80%.
U-Turn is one of the only interventions in Victoria that explicitly combines AOD & FV interventions in a group setting.


Tony Johannsen, Family Violence Program Manager & U-Turn facilitator, TaskForce Community Agency

Tony Johannsen is a forensic AOD clinician and an MBCP facilitator who currently manages TaskForce’s FV portfolio.  Tony combined  and drew on his AOD and FV expertise and experience in consultation with Moorabbin Courts to create the innovative U-Turn program.


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