Tackling Stigma through Co-design

The AOD Patient Journey study explored barriers to accessing treatment via the hospital and services in Frankston. It found that where language materialised as a means of stigma communication, it influenced clinicians’ decision-making and patients’ experience of care and attitudes to future treatment-seeking. The study co-designed posters to communicate findings to staff.

A stigma reduction awareness-raising campaign utilising the posters was complimented by video and education sessions delivered inwards. Both the research and the resulting campaign were co-designed and co-delivered by consumers, a lived experience educator and researcher, along with academics.

Embedding lived experience, researchers and educators have produced more meaningful and applicable research outputs and training content. Emerging clinician feedback indicates that incorporating the patient experience into resources and education motivated change.


Tina Lam, Senior Research Fellow, Monash Addiction Research Centre, Monash University

Dr Tina Lam is a Senior Research Fellow at the Monash Addiction Research Centre (MARC). She specialises in conducting policy and practice-relevant alcohol and opioid-related research.

Kirsty Morgan, AOD Educator, Peninsula Health

Kirsty Morgan is an Alcohol & Other Drugs Educator (AOD) at Peninsula Health. She has over 20 years experience in community health in various roles encompassing the delivery of primary care for people who use drugs and program management roles focused on developing, implementing and evaluating interventions to reduce AOD-related harms.

Jessica Reece AOD Lived Experience Educator Peninsula Health

Jessica Reece is a Lived experience Alcohol & other Drug Educator who brings her lived experience perspective to inform and support education. She also is a Care and Recovery Clinician working directly with clients who experiencing Alcohol and other Drug concerns


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