Providing dual diagnosis treatment to the highest risk offenders in the community: more than counselling

Caraniche’s High-Risk Offender Alcohol and Drug Service provides dual diagnosis treatment to high-risk offenders in the community. This includes offenders on Post Sentence Supervision Orders who have a history of serious violent and/or sexual offending and are deemed at high risk of reoffending. These clients commonly present with co-existing substance use and mental health concerns, cognitive impairment, anti-social traits, a history of aggression and hostility and difficulty reintegrating into the community. Providing treatment to this cohort requires a holistic treatment approach involving more than counselling sessions, as will be described in this presentation and supported with data. Active and ongoing care coordination is required from the point of referral, along with the provision of expert consultation, reports and collaboration with the care team and oversight authorities to ensure risk factors are appropriately managed.


Gundula Roedel, Specialist Clinician and Psychologist, Caraniche

Gundula is a registered Psychologist and Board Approved Supervisor. She has been employed with Caraniche since 2009 and has worked across prison and community settings delivering individual and group treatment. Gundula is currently employed with HiROADS as a specialist clinician and has extensive experience working with clients on supervision orders.

Melissa Pardi, Senior Psychologist, Caraniche

Melissa is a registered Clinical Psychologist and Board Approved Supervisor. Melissa has been employed with Caraniche since 2014 and has worked across both prison and community settings delivering group and individual treatment. She is currently the team leader and Senior Psychologist for the High Risk Offenders Alcohol and Drug Service.


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