Pharmacotherapy – A Consumer Perspective

Over the last 5 years especially, there has been a number of changes in the Victorian pharmacotherapy landscape. Not only are there shifting trends amongst the consumer group, we are seeing a number of changes in prescribing practices, let alone a growing shortage of pharmacotherapy prescribers. Drawing on our experience from delivering a solution-focussed, pharmacotherapy specific, client-related service, we will present some of the PAMS data along with a case study to demonstrate the changes and challenges we seeing. We will also propose some potential solutions to address the issues and challenges we are facing on a daily basis.


Sarah Lord Program Manager, The PAMS Service Harm Reduction Victoria

Sarah has managed the PAMS Service for the last 15 years and has been employed by Harm Reduction Victoria since 2001. She has completed a Diploma in Alcohol and Other Drug Work, has a special interest in anything relating to opioid dependence, harm reduction and has a keen sense of social justice.


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