Families, professionals, and young people: Three national surveys exploring attitudes towards drug policy reforms.

Three-allied community organisations: Students for Sensible Drug Policy Australia, Family Drug Support Australia, and Harm Reduction Australia, independently conducted national online surveys to inform advocacy of the policy approaches that matter to our communities. People who drug policies affect the most are rarely listened to in drug policy debates, and community-based research is essential to highlight the unique wisdom of those who understand the realities of AOD use. Each survey was conducted during 2021 and 2022, with variations in policy topics and sample sizes. The results indicate that despite each community’s distinct perspectives, there is united, unwavering support for harm reduction programs, including decriminalisation, despite many Australian governments being unsupportive. We urge policymakers to honour the experience of our communities by introducing the reforms supported by our results.


Chloe Span Clinical Services Manager Victoria Family Drug Support

Chloe is the Victorian Clinical Services Manager for Family Drug Support (FDS) Australia, the Founding-Secretary of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) Australia, the winner of the Australian Association of Social Workers, ‘Student of the Year’ Award in 2021, and a board member of Harm Reduction Australia (HRA).

Oisin Stronach, Research Officer, Students for Sensible Drug Policy Australia

Oisin Stronach is a research officer at Students for Sensible Drug Policy Australia and is also a current PhD Candidate at the Burnet Institute, where he is investigating the drivers of methamphetamine-related mortality in Australia.


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