Drug Outreach Lawyer (DOL) A 21 year collaboration with the AOD sector

Fitzroy Legal Service (FLS) has operated the DOL program for over 21 years operating on a flexible outreach model to provide legal services to highly marginalised clients.

The program relies on working closely with our health partners to maximise the opportunities for engagement in a safe environment for our clients and reduce the harms associated with their interaction with the legal system. Referrals are often made well in advance of the Court hearing and for those referrals that are made with little notice, information and materials can be obtained quickly to assist in the representation of the client. Support workers also play an important role in giving the DOL more awareness regarding the other surrounding legal and non-legal issues which can ultimately lead to improving the lives of the clients well beyond the legal matter.


Adam Willson, Senior Drug Outreach lawyer, Fitzroy Legal Service

Adam is the Senior Drug Outreach lawyer at Fitzroy Legal Service. He has been involved in the program for over seven years. He is a past recipient of the Yarra Drug and Health Forum Community Worker of the Year and a LIV-accredited specialist in criminal law.

Tristan Brumby-Rendall, Drug Outreach Lawyer, Fitzroy Legal Service

Tristan is the Drug Outreach lawyer for the City of Yarra. Tristan is also a qualified psychologist with over 13 years of experience working in Forensic Mental Health, trauma and torture counseling for refugee and asylum seekers, and Youth Justice.


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