Developing a structured approach to monitoring system reform

It is critical that system and policy reform is evidence-informed and achieves value for money. With so much activity across sectors, it is often hard to understand what is happening, how it may impact treatment and harm reduction services and how to contribute. In 2021 QNADA developed an analytical framework to consider to what extent reforms across the criminal justice, youth justice and child protection systems over the past ten years have made findings or recommendations in relation to alcohol and other drug use and related harms. This session discusses the approach taken to develop the framework, key findings and how it is being used to monitor progress towards implementation, inform planning and advocate for change.


Susan Beattie Director, Systems and Policy Queensland Network of Alcohol and other Drugs (QNADA)

Susan Beattie has worked in various senior policy, research and project management roles within the public sector and in non-government organisations focusing on driving service improvement and reform. Susan holds a Masters in Forensic Mental Health and a Bachelor of Behavioural Sciences, majoring in Psychology.


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