Collaborative Data Projects – New Ways to Drive Sector Learning & Outcomes

How can the sector take leadership in setting the outcomes and shared data standards for better inter-organisational learning and collaboration with government funders? Current examples of data collaborations between multiple organisations or whole sectors will be shared as a template for the Victorian AOD sector. Data collaborations enable comparative data sharing, learning what works for what cohorts, and uncovering relative performance between programs and providers. Existing data systems in the AOD sector are not providing the timely insights needed for system reform. Secure, useful shared data is possible, but it requires sector leadership, conferencing of different views, and bringing together common metrics. An independent provider can be useful to collate and analyse data, facilitate agreement and provide analysis.


Dale Renner Director Latitude Network – social impact consultancy 

Dale Renner is Director of Latitude Network, a social impact consultancy with expertise in leading cross-sector data & outcomes projects. He specialises in social sector innovation, data analytics and outcomes funding with experience across AOD, mental health, homelessness, education, criminal justice and other sectors.


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