Supporting change: Thorne Harbour Health’s LGBTIQ+ AOD intervention work with Clearspace Family Violence program

Use of violence within LGBTIQ+ relationships presents challenges for services and systems in appropriately identifying and responding to people perpetrating violence and harm. There remains significant gaps in how best to address family violence by AOD clients, and much use of violence goes unrecognised or minimised. This presentation highlights collaborative interdisciplinary work from FV and AOD teams at Thorne Harbour Health (THH), tracing the service arc of a client from intake, through assessment, and multiple treatment modalities including dual diagnosis outreach counselling and engagement with THH’s men’s behaviour change program. Concurrent FV and AOD interventions can result in an amplified change process for LGBTIQ+ clients, facilitate deeper understandings of relationship power dynamics, and improve healthcare outcomes.

This paper presents a case study from THH’s online Behaviour Change program for GBTQ men using violence.


Jodie Allan, Dual Diagnosis Outreach Counsellor, Thorne Harbour Health

Jodie (she/they) is a Dual Diagnosis Outreach Counsellor at Thorne Harbour Health. Jodie is experienced in counselling and outreach work in AOD and homelessness services, residential AOD rehabs and residential mental health settings. Jodie’s passion lies in trauma-sensitive and body-oriented approaches and stopping the cycle of family violence.

Vincent Silk Family Violence Practitioner Thorne Harbour Health

Vincent Silk (he /him) is a FV practitioner coordinating Thorne Harbour Health’s online Men’s Behaviour Change program for gay, bi, trans and queer men. He’s worked in family violence education, primary prevention, and in sexual assault services. Vincent’s specialisation is working with people of all genders whose behaviours have caused harm.

Max Castle, Facilitator, Men’s Behaviour Change Program, Thorne Harbour Health

Max Castle (they / them) facilitates Clearspace, Thorne Harbour Health’s online Men’s Behaviour Change program for gay, bi, trans and queer men. Max works in group facilitation, community education, family violence policy, and with men who use violence. Max also works with incarcerated and criminalised LGBTIQ+ people in Victoria.


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