Australian Youth AOD Conference 2018 16 and 17 August, 2018 – Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

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A low cost, intensive 2-day learning and practice advancement experience.

This is your opportunity to learn about new and emerging ideas and to examine a new area of practice, or look more deeply at a topic, and build skills.

It is the rare opportunity to meet the people who are our colleagues, form connections and create a more cohesive sector to better respond to the need of young people.

Please see below some of the fantastic workshops happening during the 2 days! Our Keynote speakers, Dr David Caldicott, Judge Amanda Chambers, and Professor Louise Newman are also bringing great discussions on both days!

This is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss!

Tickets: $180-$360! Register now!


Life Story Work

Elise Saunders

Richard Rose’s Therapeutic Life Story Work is an intervention that supports children and young people who have experienced trauma through safely exploring and making meaning of their past and present. It enables the young person to understand themselves, those around them and the wider world. Helping young people understand what has happened to them can assist in not letting the past dominate their present. Therapeutic Life Story Work also supports young people to develop compassion for and a deeper understanding of themselves, and hope for their future.

The workshop will look at the essentials of Therapeutic Life Story Work, as well as provide practical approaches for working with young people who have experienced trauma. Attendees will be given the chance to think through and experiment with various tools that can be used when working with traumatised young people.


Exploring Trauma and Identity: Young men from refugee background

Mike Bromhead

The workshop will look at the young males experiences of persecution, violence and displacement prior to arrival in Australia. The impact of physical, sexual and psychological violence on young men’s mental health, identity in formation, and social relationships and the worker’s perspectives and assumptions of gender, social roles and coping behaviour.


Young People’s Rights & the Law

Lisa Nguyen

Have you ever helped a young person who has been treated unfairly by police? This practical session will provide an overview of young people’s rights when they come in to contact with authorities, such as the police or Protective Services Officers (PSOs). We will explore what happens when a young person is charged with a criminal offence, including their rights on arrest, getting bail, and appearing in court. Through case study discussions and group activities, we will provide an overview of the main scenarios that bring young people into contact with authorities, such as ticketing offences, graffiti, searches and move-on laws and set out the rights of young people when dealing with people in power. We will also provide you with some helpful tips on how best to support a young person when things go wrong.


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